10 Steps To Throw The Perfect Shower

Creekside Banquet - Baby Shower
  1. Set a Budget Save money along the way by making a budget and sticking to it! With a wedding or baby on the way, you are going to need extra savings.
  2. Make a Guest List Before picking a venue, you should compile a list of family and friends that you want to celebrate with you! This will give you an estimate of how many people you need to fit and feed.
  3. Pick a Venue & Date With your guest list in mind, try and figure out an estimate of how many people you will need to accommodate. Visiting venues far in advance will give you the best odds of picking the date and venue you want.
  4. Send Out Invitations Give your guests enough time to mark the date in their calendar and let you know if they can make it. Keeping in touch will give you the most accurate headcount so you know how many people to plan for!
  5. Choose Your Menu If you select a venue that provides catering, suggest a menu that fits your baby shower theme. If you’re short on ideas, ask them for suggestions. At The Creekside, we have experience in baby showers and can help you with your menu and budget.
  6. Find Party Planning Help Often a family member or close friend will host a baby shower. It’s ok to ask others to pitch in. Most people are willing to help the new mother and father prepare for the baby’s arrival. Select close friends and family to help you decorate, bring prizes, and list gifts for thank you notes. You’ll thank us later!
  7. Purchase Themed Decorations Whether you’re having a bridal shower or baby shower, decorations make everything more fun! Balloons, table decorations, and flowers are just a few of the most popular shower decor.
  8. Arrange Party Games This is where your friends and family’s help comes in handy! The planners will be in charge of making sure everybody has a good time while you are preoccupied with gifts and guests. Some showers have prizes for game winners like gift cards and baskets.
  9. Plan Your Desserts & Goodies Most showers have desserts for everyone to choose from. Let your imagination run wild – pick some of your favorites from the menu that your guests will find tasty too!
  10. Have Fun & Enjoy All of your loved ones will be there, celebrating you! Enjoy this time and feel the love from family and friends.