8 Tips To Pick Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Creekside Banquet - Wedding Reception
  1. Visit several venues before you choose a date. You will be more likely to score the perfect place.
  2. Some venues offer a discounted rate for weddings Sunday through Friday or during their offseason.
  3. Have a rough draft of the number of people you want at your wedding. Different venues have different rooms and you may have to readjust your guest list.
  4. If your venue supplies its own catering, view the menu beforehand to make sure your needs align with the menu.
  5. Some venues aren’t licensed to serve hard alcohol.
  6. Keep your decor theme in mind when choosing a venue – so the colors don’t clash!
  7. Some venues have multiple events in one day- others have one a week! Keep this in mind when planning set up / cleaning.
  8. If you have family coming in from out of town, think about the venue’s proximity to possible sleeping accommodations.

Once you find a venue, ask them these questions!