How to Pick a Wedding Theme

Creekside Banquet - Wedding Theme

When executed correctly, a wedding theme can be the perfect way to celebrate your marriage in an exciting way. Choosing a theme can showcase your common interests, personalize your wedding, and give your guests a unique experience. There are some things to consider when planning and picking a theme for your wedding.

  1. Find Common Interests If you and your partner are passionate about something, you should no doubt include it on your special day! Think of hobbies, movies, a time period, city, a color, or team you both love! The theme options are countless and will give your guests a memorable experience, but make sure you both truly love it!
  2. Choose a Style When choosing a style, select a date or season for the wedding. For example, if you are planning to tie the knot in winter, you’re not going to have a beach-themed wedding. A winter wonderland theme is more appropriate. If you’re stuck with finding your style, look at what season you selected for your wedding date. Bohemian, rustic, vintage, and modern weddings can fit any season. While colder seasons we tend to focus on winter wonderlands, holidays, and a more romantic style. In warm seasons you can pick an outdoor theme like nautical, tropical, and garden parties. Selecting a style will affect your choice of decor and venue.
  3. Pick Colors That Go Well Together. If you’re having trouble selecting colors, take a look at your setting. If you have already chosen a venue, browse the decor that will best match or accent the furnishings. This way, you won’t have to work against a clashing color scheme. If your venue options are open then think seasonally – for example, coral will look better in summer than in winter. Your wedding colors are important for setting the theme and mood!
  4. Work Around Your Budget If you have an extravagant theme, it will be more difficult to execute it with a tight budget. To save money, try going with a more classic theme to find more accessible and less pricey decor. If you are in the price range to put bouquets of real flowers around every table, then go for it! But artificial flowers will capture the essence and do the job for less. Artificial centerpieces or bouquets are a great DIY project for bridesmaids to help with. Custom and more unique themes will cost more – because you will need to buy more items. Traditional and modern themes will be more cost-effective for any budget because you can usually find the items easily or incorporate items you may already have.
  5. Do Your Research There is nothing wrong with taking an idea you have seen and making it into your own. Browse colors, styles, and themes online if you are stuck trying to plan your perfect day. Use a wedding planner or ask a friend for advice! Selecting a popular theme can be easy, but don’t feel obligated to do something that everybody else likes. The only opinions that matter on your special day are yours and your partner’s. Do not settle for a theme you both are not both in love with.

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