Planning A Funeral Breakfast/Lunch Gathering

Creekside Banquet - Funeral Breakfast/Lunch Gathering

Planning a funeral or memorial can be emotionally exhausting, pulling you in multiple directions all at once; but having the time and space available to reminisce after the service can allow friends and family a chance to share and remember the good times with a loved one. We have put together some key tips on planning a repass, wake, or gathering to make the process a little bit easier.

Ask for help. Delegate, delegate, delegate. It can become an involuntary reaction to reply with, “I’ve got it under control,” to those asking how they can help. You’d be shocked how many people actually want to help out in any way if you let them because they either care about the deceased as much as you do or they care about you and just want to be useful. Let them.

Choose a location that is large enough to fit an unexpected number of guests. You might be surprised at the number of people who actually show up and you don’t want anyone feeling squished or out of place. Your location should make all those grieving feel welcomed. Feel free to be open to including non-traditional locations.

Personalize the space. Lighten up the somber mood with photos and memorabilia that best represents your loved one. Showing photos of the deceased doing things they loved or with people that made them smile can be a great way to continue the celebration of life.

Plan for extra food. Consider a venue that has experience with meal planning, drinks, and extra food for unexpected guests. This will help relieve any added stress to you and your family. Reading reviews can also help your family prepare and feel at ease knowing they are booking a reliable venue.