Post-Funeral Celebration Food Tips


After a funeral, guests are often looking forward to sharing memories of the loved one and connecting with one another. This is often done over a shared meal. As you plan out the food for a wake or repass, you want to make sure its economical and easy to prepare. You do not need to layout an extravagant meal for your guests. Follow these guidelines to make the planning process easier.

Form Your Guest List

It’s true of any gathering, a guest list will determine where and how you hold your event. If you expect a large number of people, you will want to have foods that you can make in bulk or serve family style. However, if you are keeping your guest list limited to immediate family and close friends, you may want to try a sit down brunch or lunch. Always plan on a few extra guests tagging along or showing up to pay their respects.

Determine Your Budget

Now may not seem like the time to look at your finances, but like any big gathering, it’s important to determine what your specific budget is. There are a few expenses with the post-funeral celebration, so figure out a reasonable figure and stick with it.

Location is Key

It’s important to take your budget and checklist into consideration when planning where you’re holding your reception. The easiest route may be a banquet facility. It will be catered and will allow your guests privacy that a public restaurant may not offer, while allowing your guests to be served so the family doesn’t have to worry about making sure everything runs smoothly. Our banquet facility is conveniently located off of a major highway and close to the city and suburbs, making it easily accessible!

Ask for Help

After someone loses a loved one, the community, friends, and family all come together to help out in any way they can. One of the most common ways everyone pitches in is with the post-funeral celebration and the food. Don’t be afraid to ask for help planning the post-funeral meal. Most people want to feel useful and helpful during this difficult time.

Mourning a loved one is hard, and the last thing you want to worry about is the post-funeral celebration of life. If you find this process is too hard, always ask for help. At Creekside, we have decades of experience working with grieving families and we will do everything we can to take this burden off your shoulders.